FCA Digital Signage

Customer Lounge TV

Customer Lounge TV is designed to replace your current cable service with a highly customizable and extremely flexible package of popular entertainment programming mixed with current brand and new car model videos while guaranteeing no competitive advertising in your lounge. With access to additional brand content and a broad library of highly customizable service videos and images, 10 Foot Wave’s Customer Lounge TV provides your captive audience with a premium blend of broad entertainment options, new model commercials, service education and accessory upsell messaging.

  • Branded

    Consistent branding provides cohesive in-store experience

  • Entertain

    Informative content from TV and the Internet

  • Promote

    Promote your products and services not your competitors

  • Weather Aware

    Display content based on weather conditions

  • Inform

    Real-time news, weather, stocks, Twitter, and more

  • Educate

    Provide useful repair tips from our content library

  • Fresh

    Automatically updates with new content, weather, and Twitter

  • Appointments

    Display service appointments from XTIME

Need to keep your cable? Ask us about our Live TV Pass Through Advertising Product option.

Vehicle On Demand

People buy when they understand. Vehicle on Demand from 10 Foot Wave provides your service advisors with a unique tool to show the customer what’s going on with their car which in turn helps them understand the need and urgency for recommended service and repairs. With everything you’ve read about closing more automotive repair business, being able to show the repair has been a proven strategy to close more business while building loyalty, confidence and trust.

  • Educate

    Explain needed repairs to your customers

  • Video Library

    Choose from many common auto repair and maintenance services

  • Email

    Send animations to your customers for service explanation or follow-up

  • Any Device

    Display on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone

  • iOS

    Display with the free iPhone/iPad app

  • Android

    Display with the free Android app


You can take VOD on the go with our free mobile application, developed specifically to give the customer a personalized one on one experience to make them feel at ease and establish a personal connection or to email suggested services for drop off client approval.

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