You Already Have A Full-Time Job - Let Us Manage Your Digital Signage

Digital Signage offers you great benefits and creates marketing opportunities to educate and upsell to the people in your business. But getting the most value out of your screen requires time - time which you may or may not have. We understand you're busy, that's why we do the leg work for you!

Feature Basic Package Managed Service
Automotive Content Library
General Purpose Content Library (Weather, Promotions, Specials, Hours, Holidays, etc.)
General Purpose DIY Templates
Vehicle on Demand 3D Videos
Automatic Brand Updates (Slideshows, Promotions, Videos, etc.)
Automatic Service/Repair Content Updates
Automatic Entertainment Updates
Service Recommendations Based on Weather
Social Media Integration
Sports, Tech, Health, and Latest News
Editable Service Pricing
Initial Consultation
Custom Content Strategy Plan
:30 Animation Promoting Your Business
Content Creation
Playlist Management & Optimization
Quarterly Reviews
On Demand Content Assistance
Seasonal Recommendations Based on Weather
National Car Care Monthly Updates

We Manage Your Content

As part of our Managed Service, we stay on top of your playlist 24/7 to ensure the fresh, engaging, and relevant content is always displayed for your audience.

  • If you have regular sales with stop and start dates, we'll make sure only active promotions appear
  • If you need to promote an upcoming event, we'll get it loaded into your playlist right away
  • If your playlist needs updates based on the time of year, we'll schedule timely messages appear for that season

We'll also make sure your playlist has the perfect balance of content. For Waiting Room TV, we'll add just the right amount of entertainment and brand messaging, ensuring your audience is entertained and informed. If your business uses a Digital Menu Board, we'll make customers see content that makes them easy to upsell.

We Create Your Content

Our Managed Service is like hiring a design team with agency-level talent, but affordable enough for you to work with. Our designers have years of experience working with all types of business and brands and now they're ready to work for you.

All you need to do is send an email or make a call with the project details and we'll get to work on creating it. You'll have the chance to review and offer feedback, but once you sign off, the content is added to your playlist. That's how we do custom creative. 

We Work With You

When you first sign up, we'll meet to discuss your goals, and create a custom Digital Signage strategy plan for your business. That way, we can tailor your screen to achieve your objectives.

We'll also check in with you quarterly to make sure everything is running the way you want and to see if there is anything else we can do. If you're busy, we'll just touch base via a quick email. If you'd like to talk things through more statically, we can set up a call to capture your vision.

Either way, you call the shots and we get to work.

Get Started Today

There's no longer any reason why you wouldn't want Digital Signage in your business. We offer all the benefits for your business and none of the time commitment for you. If this sounds like a win-win, let us know and we'll get to work on your behalf and start helping you reach your audience more effectively. 

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