We've worked with countless franchises like yours and would love to use our knowledge to help you. Our unique blend of brand content with customizable service messaging allows you to create a playlist unique for your business. 

So turn the TVs in your business into brand communication tools. And help customers understand where your products and services provide value, and why you're the trusted source in car care.

Vehicle on Demand

People buy when they understand. Vehicle on Demand from 10 Foot Wave provides your service advisors with a unique tool to show the customer what’s going on with their car which in turn helps them understand the need and urgency for recommended service and repairs.


While our easy-to-use Content Management System gives you complete control over your Automotive Digital Signage, you'll also benefit from our hand off approach to content automation. So without doing anything, your playlist will always be updated with the latest brand content.

Waiting Room TV

Packed with dozens of hours of news, sports, talk shows, and other entertaining content that's updated regularly, Waiting Room TV allows your to take control of what's playing in your waiting area. So kick cable to the curb, remove competitor's ads, and play entertaining content alongside side graphics and videos that get customer's engaged with your brand.