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No matter where it is in your Dealership, Digital Signage is your silent salesperson - giving customers the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Whether they're in your showroom, service drive, or customer lounge, Digital Signage promotes your brand messaging and how you stand out from the competition. And the results speak for themselves. So add a silent seller to your team and use Digital Signage to communicate your marketing messages across your entire dealership.

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Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Dealership


Service Drive TV

Designed for installation in your Fixed Ops department, Service Drive TV is a Digital Menu Board that promotes your services, pricing, products, accessories, parts, and brand message. We provide you with an extensive library of turnkey and customizable service content that promotes the value in routine maintenance and suggested services, and a playlist that is updated automatically, meaning it’s “hands off” upkeep for your team. You can also integrate with your dealer management system (such as Xtime or CDK) to deliver the perfect mix of customer experience and marketing communications. 


Customer Lounge TV

The last thing you want a customer to see in your dealership is an ad for your competitor. That’s why Customer Lounge TV kicks cable’s butt.  Not only can you entertain customers with the same popular content they’d see on television, but it also eliminates commercials and replaced them with videos about your cars, products, and services. However, if live television is a must for your dealership, ask about Live Pass Thru TV that allows you to keep cable, but places it in a branded wrap that’s still promoting the value of your brand.


Showroom TV

Maximize the first impression customers experience when they enter your showroom and provide them with the information they need to see the value your brand. Our content library includes videos promoting your latest models and their brand spanking new features. And with automatic updates multiple times per year, you’re always playing fresh, relevant content. Mix in your own custom videos along with information about special offers, technology, and available upgrades, and customers have everything they need to choose their new vehicle. 

Meet Vehicle on Demand

This free feature allows you to bring up videos on demand to explain your product or service to the customer. It comes with over 50 detailed 3D service animations that use detailed visuals and easy-to-understand language to explain service recommendations. However, it can also be loaded up with any and all content your dealership has to provide the ultimate engagement tool for any customer.


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You’ve spent a ton of time, effort, and money trying to drive traffic into your dealership, so don’t drop the ball once marketing and communications once people have arrived. Whether someone is in your showroom or your service drive, Digital Signage offers you the chance to engage your audience with unique, targeted, and unlimited content. 

If you want to see more, including what our Digital Signage would look like with your brand and vehicles on the screen, fill out the form and one of our employee will get in touch with you. We'd be more than happy to show you why thousands of dealerships have already signed up for our service.

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