From Fixed Ops to the Show Room Floor, Generate More Revenue With Digital Signage

With all the ways that you promote your cars, parts, and services, neglecting proper communication in the dealership is a huge mistake. Digital Signage is there to sell when you can’t be. And with how easy it is to operate, it’s often the easiest solution to grow revenue and promote everything you sell from cars to accessories. 

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Digital Solutions for Your Dealership


Service Drive TV

Designed for installation in or near your service department, Service Drive TV is a digital menu board that promotes your services, pricing, products, accessories, and parts, as well as brand messaging. Your screen is powered by an extensive library of customizable service content, as well as channels that updated messaging automatically. Add in optional dealer management system integration (like Xtime or CDK) and the Service Drive TV puts you in the driver's seat of messaging in your Fixed Ops department.


Customer Lounge TV

Replace cable or satellite with a waiting room product that entertains your customers and promotes your products and services. Customer Lounge TV offers that same popular entertainment content customers are used to on television, while removing any chance of competitive advertising in your waiting area. Instead, engage customers with new car videos, brand messaging, and service and product information. Or, Live Pass Thru TV allows you to keep your cable, but present it in a branded wrap alongside custom messaging.


Live Pass Thru TV

Absolutely want to keep live television in your dealership? No problem! With Live Pass Thru TV, you can integrate any cable of satellite feed into a branded wrap. That way, while customers are watching their favorite channels, they're still being exposed to your brand messaging.

live tv passthrough for your automotive dealership digital signage

Showroom TV

Maximize the first impression customers have when they enter your showroom. Showroom TV boldly displays your latest models, technology, and product information. Brand content is updated automatically so you're always playing fresh, relevant messaging. Add additional information on the screen to offer the most information during the new car buying experience.

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How Digital Signage Helps Your Dealership

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Digital Signage offers you the chance for unlimited messaging and unqiue types of content. But starting from a blank slate can be overwhelming.

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