Have you ever seen your customers looking down at their phone while in your business? Of course you have. Over 80% of smartphone users consult their phone to make decisions while shopping. The question is, how can you connect with them?

WiFi Marketing leverages your businesses existing WiFi to not only provide complimentary Internet access to the people in your business, but also allows you to gather vital data about your audience and target them with real-time marketing. 

WiFi Marketing provides a unique in-store opportunity to drive buying behavior. 


What Does WiFi Marketing Give You?


Marketing Opportunities For Your Business


By capturing your customer's information via your WiFi, you allow yourself to drive users towards a particular splash page, branded for your business with your most relevant information. Plus, send timely text messages or emails to customers whether they're in your business or after they leave.


Getting Started


There’s a lot to consider when launching this powerful new marketing initiative, from making sure you have enough bandwidth, to what type of marketing campaigns are best suited for this platform. Thankfully, we’ve helped tons of business plan, strategize, and implement WiFi marketing campaigns, and we have the resources and expertise to help you as well.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our team members, and we’ll walk you through every step of the way to make sure you’re WiFi marketing campaign generates the maximum ROI. 


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