What Our Clients Say

We've helped small businesses and Fortune 500 brands implement and optimize Digital Signage as part of their marketing efforts. And it's worked very, very well. Below are just a few examples of business owners who have seen the fruits of our Digital Signage in their bottom line.

heartland tire service digital service menu board testimonial success

We find that in our 11 shops the vehicle on demand feature is a boon, even with employees that aren't technical. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth much, much more. We don't pay for something that we don't use - and we use this.

When we include promotions or service on the 10 Foot Wave Menu Board, customers will ask about that service. If they want to know more about a timing belt issue, we can bring up the video which uses language that is relatable. The videos add credibility to what we are suggesting. We use it because it works.

-Gary Taylor, Heartland New Tire Ulm

bumpus tire digital signage success

I love the 10 Foot Wave Service Menu Board! I've watched customers look up from their phones or iPads and see what is advertised and then ask us about the advertised services. I especially like being able to choose content that best suits our needs.

-Cary Bumpus, Bumpus Tires, Inc.

conicelli toyota auto dealership digital signage.jpg

 I have paid 3-5 times as much for other products that don't do 1/10th of what 10 Foot Wave does. It is a great product for a great value. It's easy to use and I love the fact that it's wireless. I really can't say enough good things about the products.

- Jack Monteleone, Conicelli Auto Group

fleet tire and auto goodyear automotive digital signage.jpg

The technology is super easy to install. When I have called in to ask for assistance in making changes, the help desk is right there, just the way that they should be. Time is money to a business, and not having to spend a lot of time on calls to support is a wonderful advantage.

- Scott Atchisson, Fleet Tire & Auto

superior ford in siloam springs arkansas love 10 foot wave digital signage in their dealership

"I can't say enough good things about the 10 Foot Wave [Menu Board & Waiting Room TV] programs. I'm very pleased. It's easy to use and well worth the money."

- Tre Forguson, Superior Ford

lake oconee dentistry digital signage.jpg

"The fact that we can choose our own content and run our own promotions makes it a real asset when trying to maximize our chair time all while entertaining our patients."

- Lea Justice, Lake Oconee Dentistry

advanced automotive digital signage menu board.jpg

"We love the 10FootWave Menu Board! People come in, see something advertised on it, and ask for a service that they didn't realize we did or that they needed to be done. This happens all day long. It's a great product! 

- James Larsen, Advanced Automotive

Planète Mazda Dealership Video Wall Service Drive Customer Lounge Digital Signage

"We installed a video wall in our showroom and two big screen TV’s in our customer lounge and service department. We use the system to communicate with our customers by showcasing our services, offers as well as employees that surpass themselves within our team."

- Sylvain Loiselle, Planète Mazda